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Custom Shoelace Design Can Enhance the Look of Your Shoes

Basketball shoes are part of a legendary culture and have even given rise to another culture of collecting basketball shoes. Die-hard basketball fans sometimes have this obsession of collecting innumerable basketball shoes, often the ones worn by their favorite players.

The brands widely known for high end basketball shoes are Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Air Jordan and jordan shoe laces, Under Armor, Peak and Li-Ning. A brand like Nike is renowned for its Nike Air Force Ones, Nike Foamposites and Nike Hyperdunks which bring people to stores in throngs with every new release. Then there are signature shoe lines which carry high end basketball shoes that are specifically associated with a basketball star like Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and a host of others. All these shoes provide the perfect canvas for shoe laces in different designs and lengths as they tend to require long laces especially for high tops. Sometimes when you opt for customized shoes, then it comes at a premium, but puts you in an exclusive club where you feel special.

For high end basketball shoes, shoelace designs features greatly as these shoes are made to stand out. The laces are therefore usually colorful and incorporate different designs to suit each one of them. For example, thread and rope materials can be used for vintage high end basketball shoes to keep with the retro image while newer models feature more colorful laces. Shoelaces that have different color splashes or specks on them or which have different hues such as one color fading off into another are very popular as they capture the energy of the game associated with these shoes. The length will carry a lot of weight in the laces as high top basketball shoes will have longer laces while low basketball shoes will not as much length in their laces. The length will also determine the design of the laces used, for example, if it is to have words as part of the customization. High end basketball shoes are generally made using materials that produce higher performance and are stiffer, more innovative options and this applies to the laces as well as they do have a function to play away from the aesthetics.

A lot of thought goes into the design, color, size, shape, etc of high end shoe laces, not only because they come at a cost, but also because that is their dedication to perfection.