DC Nightlife


DC’s Vegas-Style Nightclubs Are a Great Place to Unwind

While most people view Washington as a place that is full of professionals who are uptight and boring, that is not the case at all. Vegas-style nightclubs in Washington, DC are becoming even more popular by the day. Some of them are meant for the high-end market, which is made up of the older clientele, while others are aimed at the youthful end of the market. Some of the top lounges in DC include, Huxley, Lima, and BarCode.

For some of the nightclubs, there is really no middle ground, which means that you need to know which nightclub will suit you best. That way, you will be in the right place and avoid being the odd duck!

High-End Washington Nightclubs

Most of the nightclub clientele in the high-end market in Washington are usually people in the over-30 category. These professionals are established in their respective careers, which mean they will not blink at the costs associated with clubbing in such areas.

Music is very popular among clientele in the high-end market. Live bands are used to entertain people with provisions made for calmer styles of dancing. The clients are, after all, respectable professionals in the society. This does not necessary mean that they are boring; just cultures and a bit more subdued when compared to other clubs catering to the young people.

Wearing t-shirts and blazers will not pass muster in high-end nightclubs in Washington unless the club rules state otherwise. Most venues however have strict dress codes that usually dictate some form of formal wear like collared shirts and formal evening dresses.

Younger-Themed Clubs

In many younger-themed Vegas-style nightclubs DC has to offer and in these establishments anything goes. The music is loud and dancing is uninhibited. Lights pulsate and sweaty bodies gyrate on the dance floor to the pounding music churned out by the hippest DJ’s in town. It is not hard to find young people dancing on tables and chairs. Sometimes the atmosphere may become too rowdy but everything is in good spirit and everyone has a good time in these clubs. Liberal themes are prevalent in nightclubs of this nature. These may include bondage themes, circus themes and any other outrageous themes that one can think of. The youth have a live and let live mentality, which means they do not care about what people think. It is also quite common to be served by scantily dressed people in these clubs as no dress codes exist in many younger-themed nightclubs. This also means that regardless of what one wears, entry will not be denied.