On-Page SEO Helps A LOT!


What is SEO?

Suppose that you are a manager of a company that makes beauty products. But the moment that you type the name of your product on a big search engine, the website pops up in the 4000th position on the results. It is at this time that you know that you have a visibility problem. Studies show that the vast majority of internet users view the results displayed on the first page only. Only about 19% ever go on to the second page, and almost no one goes any further than the 2nd page. Evidently, poor rankings on the search engines are costing many businesses. Unfortunately, most don’t realize that this problem can be addressed. If you don’t pay attention to marketing on the internet, you will be a victim of this ignorance so research the web for the best digital marketing agency and go with them.

What can you do to correct this? Well, writing to Yahoo or Google or any other search engine requesting for better rankings is not an option unless Marissa or Larry are your best friends. This is because search engines use secret, complex mathematical algorithms that they change often to rank all sites. Therefore, to better your ranking on search engines, turn to SEO (Search Engine optimization).

To put it plainly, SEO is the modification of websites to improve the quality of algorithmic or organic rankings in big and reputable search engines. That’s simple to understand right, however, it starts to get complex when you get into the details. The first step to take is building a website that is user friendly and focused. This sounds easy enough right? Believe it or not, many companies fail on this. Others, however, overemphasize on the position and forget all about pushing sales. Bear in mind that being ranked in the top position does not automatically make sales for you. It just gets your brand the awareness but does not convert it into a sale.

Digital marketing SEO is thus the solution to most company’s problems. And given the fact that we are in the 21st century, digital marketing is not an extra trick or bonus marketing tool. No, it is the way to go. It is a necessity for every business having an online or offline presence. Not only does digital marketing create more visibility for your brand in terms of SEO, it also turns more attention of internet users to you site. However, bear in mind that digital marketing is very different to traditional marketing. It is better to approach a specialist to carry out these functions.